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I’ve Fallen, but I Got Up!

This is my PSA about women and strength training. After you read my experience from this past weekend hopefully you will have a difficult time disagreeing with me on the importance of resistance training. I am a fifty-year-old woman, I have been moving my body in some...

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Can We Just Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner?

Today is all about food, eating possibly all day, and feeling so full you may have to undo a button or two. This can be very daunting for some of us. Today is Thanksgiving and I am going to eat! Turkey, stuffing, my cheesy twice mashed potatoes, salad (maybe), and...

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Does Your Closet Look Like a Clothing Store?

I know mine does! Finally, at forty-nine years old I have had the most fantastic epiphany! My closet can now contain an array of sizes because my body is not a one-size-fits-all. I thought back how over the years that each time I had a significant weight loss I would...

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We Love our Workouts Until We Don’t

My body has gone through both weight loss and weight gains throughout my life. My body has changed again in 2020-2021. I really want to mention that what I’m about to tell you is not an excuse. As personal trainers, we always think our clients telling us that life is...

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On the Road Again!

This was the second major road trip that my boyfriend and I have taken in 2021. This time we drove from Nashville, TN through North Carolina, South Carolina, and back to Central Florida. We were on the road for a total of seven days. That was a lot of time during that...

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I am Thrilled that My First Book is Published

I have attempted to write my story for over 20 years. I honestly wasn’t sure my story had a real message, until now. I am so happy to share my thoughts and experience with you in hopes that it will help you to have a happier and more fulfilling life’s journey. Writing...

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