Rachel Lavin is a published author, professional speaker, Body Love Coach, Certified Health Coach and Certified Personal Trainer. After 20 years as a fitness instructor, Rachel wrote her first book “The Doughnut Diaries” about her own struggles with her weight and restrictive diets which lasted for over thirty years. As Rachel turned forty the expression I” got sick and tired of being sick and tired” hit home and she made a decision to take her power back and heal from decades of negative thinking and self sabotage.

Rachel now helps those who have had or a still experiencing negative body image through her three pillars of fitness – Nourishment for both the mind and body, Movement, & Rest. – creating a safe space for all women to feel whole in their own body.

Today on the show, Rachel and I dig into:⁣

  • Feeling betrayed by your body
  • How to stop all of the negative body thoughts
  • What to do with the food pushers or the food police
  • How to drop the diet mentality
  • Ways to reprogram your inner disciplinarian

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