Episode Synopsis

Rachel is a personal trainer who has had her share of issues with her body. I bought her book, The Donut Diaries: A personal trainer’s tale of being every size from 12 through 0 and found her to be brutally honest and provided an interesting perspective being in the fitness industry. In this episode we talk about some of the diet myths that we’ve all bought into and how to break free from the social constructions that dictate how we move through the world. I know you’ll find our conversation not only informative but helpful as you navigate your own health journey.

After Thoughts

I had a blast talking with Rachel. She’s funny but her message is clear: start loving your body now, no waiting until it’s a perfect size (whatever that size is). I found our conversation empowering and I think you will, too. I bet you walk away with some great tips for loving ourselves right now, I did.