Many of you will be raising your hands, nodding your head, or clapping to this topic and the things we talk about in today’s Fit Girl Magic podcast. You are going to feel heard in this!  This is all about SELF-LOVE or overcoming self-hatred.

How many of us have looked in the mirror and pointed to a body part and said, “Oh, I wish this was a perfect way.”?  Well, guess what… I have someone who has overcome that, and I know many of you are struggling to overcome this. We feel like we take a few steps forward, but something always drags us back into that self-hatred, self-loathing part of us.

So, I want you to really listen to this podcast. Because there is a way out and through this, my recent guest, Rachel Lavin will help you start the ball rolling!

Rachel Lavin is a Published author of The Doughnut Diaries, Professional Speaker, Body Love Coach, Certified Health Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer. When Rachel turned forty, the expression, “I got sick and tired of being sick and tired” hit home and she made a decision to take her power back and heal from decades of negative thinking and self-sabotage.

Rachel began to do the work on my mind, body, and soul.


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The Doughnut Diaries: A Personal Trainer’s Tale of Being Every Size From 12 Through 0