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People come in all shapes and sizes. The horrifying information that we pass on to our clients so they believe that if they aren’t on a strict diet and exercise program, they aren’t “Healthy”. The danger of yo-yo dieting is harder on the body than carrying ten extra pounds. Dieting for people like myself isn’t the cure, it’s the problem. I’d like to open the conversation that healthy doesn’t have to look the same on everyone, it can also look like me and so many others.

Accepting that we are all different and the same diet and exercise plan isn’t going to work for everyone. What’s wrong with taking an individual approach. Taking time to talk to your clients current and future about what they want and what are they willing to do to get there? Giving people their power back can be just what they need to get moving, eat without guilt and shame, and have long term results. Let’s teach our clients that consistency is the key and eating a big Thanksgiving dinner once a year isn’t going to make them fat. It is ok to eat food. Let’s be honest with our clients – restrictive dieting only causes more bingeing, excessive exercise or workouts that are too hard and can lead to stopping movement altogether and cause injuries.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to talk to clients on how to love their bodies and that bodies can be healthy at any size.
  2. Learn how to work with clients who don’t want a diet/meal plan, who has a bigger body and just wants to move to feel good and eat to be fueled.
  3. Learn how to work as a team with medical professionals, dietitians or nutritionists and the client to create a clear path to positive nutritional changes.

Speaker: Rachel Lavin – Author, CPT, Health Coach