Rachel is an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and an ACE-Certified Health Coach with more than two decades of experience in the field of health and fitness. She began her fitness career teaching many types of group classes, one type being corporate bootcamps. Now, she focuses on one-on-one training. Her goal is to make fitness inspirational, challenging and, of course, FUN for everyone she engages with, which is why her book, The Doughnut Diaries, is filled with heartfelt humor and raw emotions.

The Doughnut Diaries: A Personal Trainer’s Tale of Being Every Size From 12 Through 0 is a thought-provoking yet easy-to-read book that covers Rachel’s experiences from a young age to a woman in her late forties – a broad spectrum of emotions and body image-related issues. Having put herself through – and recovered from – many restrictive diets to attain a body that she thought would make her socially acceptable, Rachel has learned many valuable lessons and has done the hard emotional work that has given her clarity and has allowed her to love her body without believing in society’s hype! Rachel hopes to motivate people into a fresh mindset for growth and success.