We’re starting the New Year off strong after a 2-week break! In this week’s episode Lindsey sits down with Rachel Lavin (@rachellavinfitness). Rachel is an Author, Personal Trainer, and Health Coach. In her book, The Doughnut Diaries, she dives into her personal journey with her relationship with her body and how she’s gone from a place of constantly dieting to a place of self-acceptance and love for her body. She shares her story with the world as a reminder that we are not alone and are more than capable of transforming our relationships with our bodies. I’m so grateful to hold space for Rachel to share her story and connect on a topic I can so deeply relate to!

What to expect:

  • Introducing Rachel Lavin to the community
  • Direct quotes from The Doughnut Diaries and convo formed around them
  • Diving into Rachel’s journey of breaking free from diet culture and shifting toward self-acceptance
  • Tips on how we can begin to shift our mindset around our bodies

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