This is my PSA about women and strength training. After you read my experience from this past weekend hopefully you will have a difficult time disagreeing with me on the importance of resistance training.

I am a fifty-year-old woman, I have been moving my body in some sport or activity since I could walk. I have been strength training with regularity since I was in my early thirties and on Saturday, I was reminded how much it pays off.

We are getting ready to move and agreed to spend the weekend getting all packed up and organized for the movers. I was moving at a good clip and getting things done. Walking quickly back and forth from the garage to the bedroom. I had an armful of towels, sheets, bathmats, and cotton rounds. The next thing I knew I was flat on the tile kitchen floor! Stunned I looked around myself, no blood, thank God! I started to pick myself up and felt the pain coming from my ankle, I looked down, no bones were sticking out, another plus! I started to stand up and slowly got to my feet. I was able to walk away with no broken bones, sprains, or debilitating injuries. I immediately said out loud “Thank God I Strength train!”

I was moving so quickly that as I rounded the corner from the garage into the house my foot caught the dog’s little Astro turf wee wee pad and it slid out from me and I fell directly onto the tile floor either on my side or my stomach or maybe a little of both. It happened SO FAST. Of course, I’m a little sore and my ankle and foot have some swelling but I’m walking normally and feel good, other than my outbursts of laughter every time I relive my fall, I’m OK.

I am very grateful that my body is strong and could handle such a tumble, did I mention I fell smack dab on a tile floor? Our bodies protect us from stumbles and falls all the time. I hope you now understand the correlation of how strength training helps our bodies arm itself with the resilience it needs in addition to increasing our bone density and our muscle mass as we grow older. Those naturally decline as we age. If we take care of our bodies from the inside out it will return the love and protect us from life’s mishaps. In this blog I’m focusing only on the benefits of resistance exercise, and I’m hopeful you can agree. I could’ve really hurt myself and been off my feet for a while. I’m thankful to my body and I’m so happy that this fifty-year-old lifts them weights!