I know mine does! Finally, at forty-nine years old I have had the most fantastic epiphany! My closet can now contain an array of sizes because my body is not a one-size-fits-all. I thought back how over the years that each time I had a significant weight loss I would happily give all my fat clothes away and I would replace them with new smaller clothes and be happy as hell! Ladies, there is no better feeling than shopping off the rack knowing whatever the article of clothing, it’s going to fit!

In reality, it’s expensive to do that over and over, especially if you, like me, have lost weight and gained weight many times throughout your lifetime. Not only it is exhausting on my finances it’s extremely difficult emotionally, especially if I was buying bigger clothes AGAIN! There have been so many times I went shopping with my girlfriends or alone and tried on a pair of pants or especially jeans ugh! That familiar, horrible, and extremely disheartening feeling of them being too tight and feeling so utterly constricted that I couldn’t zip them up. How many of you, like me have cried one too many times in a fitting room? Conversely, on a weight-loss shopping trip, I’ve gone into a fitting room and everything fit amazingly and I left the store feeling so elated and with a hefty charge on my credit card!

This time I decided to be logical instead of feeling like I failed yet again, NO! this time I thought hey clothing stores offer a wide array of sizes so will I! I also realized that clothes are not always constructed the same way and will fit my body very differently. Currently, my closet contains everything from size small through extra-large. I keep hearing that clothes are made to fit my body. My body isn’t made to fit the clothes so I’m going to heed that advice, and the clothes in my closet fit my body now!

So hopefully you’ll think about this next time your body changes and the first thing you think about is, I have to get rid of all of these smaller/bigger clothes! What we are really experiencing is an emotional trigger to what’s happening to our bodies. Try approaching it from a place of self-love and having clothes in many sizes just means that you’ll be ready for anything!