“Thank you for writing your book.

I can only imagine the courage, pain and (I hope) eventual happiness it has given you to write it. You put it all on the line in a brutally honest, raw, sad, painful, humorous, and joyful way… so many emotions for you and the reader.

I would assume most of your readers will be women; however, many men would gain insight from it as well…. into the women they know and love and, even into themselves.

For so many women, the thought of going into a gym and seeing other “ perfect” bodies in “the right” workout clothes, perfectly made up and coiffed even to exercise, or having a trainer who acts superior with not an ounce of fat or cellulite is extremely intimidating and threatening. The thought of not measuring up even when trying to exercise is enough to deter many from even trying it once (especially here in NYC!)

As I read, I also thought of the positive influence my experience with the gym (including you, and others) has had on my life….. for the first time I’ve learned to believe in the strength of my body. I continue to be in awe of what I, at my age, have been able to do.

Your story, and its important message, need to be heard far and wide… by girls and women of all ages, sizes, and abilities.

I wish you the best of luck as you continue on your journey…